Make Weath A Specific Number

Notes from Tony Robins Teleseminar

Make wealth a specific number. For example, $1,000 a week or $20,000 a month. It doesn’t matter what the number is, it matters that you set a specific number.

Make that number a MUST.

Do WHATEVER IT TAKES to get there – AND – to stay there.

Take an accessory (it would be nice to have $20,000 a month) and make it a neccesity (I must have $20,000 a month).

Use modelling (find out what others are doing and do the same).

Have an effective strategy to:

  1. Create income
  2. Invest/Leverage it
  3. Share it

Consistently follow through EVERY DAY.

Look for vehicles that can make money while you sleep to continually build wealth.


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