The beauty of stability

I’ve often worked in medical and scientific environments.

And I learnt something which, at first, was quite horrifying.

When there is a real emergency, with life and death consequences, the staff are NOT trying to solve the problem.

This is true whether it is a nuclear plant meltdown or a patient (just like you) in Accident & Emergency.


So what ARE the staff focused on?


If they can get you stable, then (and only then) they will work on solving the problem.

This is why hospitals always categorize someone’s status as critical or serious or whatever “but stable”.

Stable is the biggie.
It means they have control.
It means they understand what was making your condition deteriorate, at least enough to stop it.
It means they have started working in an environment that will allow a solution to survive.

So when I work with someone’s financial world, especially if it’s in crisis, I don’t try and solve the problem. I simply focus on getting their finances stabilized.

Stable is the biggie.

Then (and only then) I work on solving the problem.


5 Replies to “The beauty of stability”

  1. Sharon, thanks for sharing the link to your blog. Your posts that I’ve read are very well written and helpful (the finance/stability one especially for me). Keep it up!

  2. Great work Shaz. Love it! Well written and just great information to soak up.

    If you want to read something a little more “unstable”, come visit my own blog – Life, Love and Coffee @ – an interesting read, guaranteed! šŸ™‚

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