Starting stops most

I think I just started something. Again.

I’m always starting things.

It’s one of the keys to my success.

I love starting things.

What if you could have been there at the start when Captain Cook was just thinking about sailing South?

What if Steve Jobs offered you the chance to invest in Apple shares when they were only worth 1 cent & the iPhone wasn’t even a dream yet? (Yes, he did offer some people that opportunity, and yes the one’s who said “yes” are billionaires now).

Tonight I think I started something that is going to impact 40 million people a year. And I love that! (Personally I blame Seth Brooks for getting me started on that).

But I’ve learnt a thing or two about starting. Here’s the main thing I’ve learnt;

> > > Starting stops most < < <

The number one reason why people don't complete things that they really want to do is because they never start them.

You've got to make a start.

You know you can start right now, right?

So, gentleman, start your engines!

There's no other way to win the race, than to start.

I can't guarantee you that every starter is a winner. (God knows I've had my share of failures). But I can guarantee you that every winner is a starter.

That's what makes starting so exciting!

Let's start starting (& winning). Again.


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