What do your customers value?


I love this interview from The Guardian’s technology podcast last week about Netflix launching in the UK.
Not that I care about Netflix launching in the UK, but the way Neil Hunt articulates the value they provide makes especially the first ten minutes of this audio really worth listening to (and listening to again). Especially if you are thinking of starting a business, or how you can improve the way you communicate to the marketplace about the value you provide.
You get a real sense of the Netflix confidence in the business model when they talk about their “competition”. Neil refers to them as “complementary” and even recommends you try the competition at the same time. This relaxed self-confidence is quite different to some aggressive marketing styles that like to smash the competition. And it would be quite at home in the Australian marketplace.


Their subscription business model also intrigued me. They provide a free trial. They don’t have any contracts to lock you in (you can leave at anytime with just one click). And whilst you’re a customer you can consume unlimited content – on any device, at any time, for as many times as you like. No limits on file size or bandwidth/download etc.

Free trial, Freedom to come or stay, and freedom with no limits.

I’ve never tried Netflix so I’m not endorsing it. But I am endorsing a moment or two to learn from how they do business.

Let me know what you think.


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