My life is 5 times better than yours

It was my baby sister’s birthday today.

I’m pretty good with my budget and I normally have a set amount of money I spend on gifts…..BUT!

But it was my baby sister …. And it’s not every day she turns 40 (which is weird because I’m still only 21 😉

So I splashed out on some Swarovski Crystal earrings.

But it got me thinking about how Joseph – who was also famous for his budgeting skills – treated the baby in his family. Much like me, he spoiled Benjamin, the baby of the family.

So maybe I have a Joseph anointing. And sure, that’s great.

But I think I’d like to have a crack at being the baby of the family too.

Even if I haven’t got a Benjamin Calling, I want one! 😉

“Benjamin’s serving was five times as much as any of theirs.” Genesis 43:34

“To all of them Joseph gave one change of clothes; but to Benjamin he gave three hundred pieces of silver, and five changes of clothes” Genesis 45:22

300 pieces of silver – even hundreds of years later that much coin could still buy you a whole lot… 10 Jesus’s for a start! (seriously, you could literally buy and sell a life for 30 pieces of silver)

And Let’s face it if you’re going to be eating 5 times as much, you’re probably going to grow out of your clothes 5 times quicker too 😉

Yep a life that is 5 times better than the life my already blessed brothers and sisters have, sounds like a pretty good life to me!

P.S. I wonder if Benjamin went around saying “ner ner ner ner ner!” much?! 😉


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