Make A Whole Year’s Income Today


One day I took my 5 year old nephew and 8 year old niece to the local Science Museum.
They saw all kinds of exhibits that amazed them, from videos of dinosaurs, to walking through a giant lung.
But the one they still talk about 13 years later was the “pulley chair” because it allowed them to achieve what they thought a 5 year old could never do.
When I dropped them off at their place they didn’t even say hello to their mum and dad. They couldn’t wait to brag. “we lifted Aunty Shaz way high up in the air!”
What my young nephew & niece had just discovered with much excitement was leverage.
The tragedy is some people never discover it.
Leverage is basically the ability to do more with less.
And it can help you achieve a Year’s income in one day.
This is what the online coupon industry is teaching dentists, hairdressers, consultants, mechanics & resorts etc.
In the old days these businesses would only let you give them money if they could give you an appointment. And many places would only book a couple of months ahead.
Now they’ve learnt to unhitch their sales from their calendar, and sell coupons instead of time slots, which means they can take a years worth of sales in one day.
Gyms have been selling memberships this way for years. Magazine publishers have been selling subscriptions like this for years. But now everyone from restaurants to retailers are starting to use revenue leverage to boost their profits.
Will you too?


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