What is technology?


This year my technology business Onliners turns 18. It’s a big milestone. And there’s been lots of smaller milestones on the way.
I created and delivered the first Internet training courses in Sydney.
I wrote the first program in Australia to publish on the Internet high school results and university placements.
I wrote the first book to be published on a mobile device (now that e-books outsell paperbacks it’s amusing to read the critics commenting in the media at the time saying no-one would read that way!).
We did the first Internet broadcast from Parliament House.
Because I’m such a successful technologist I often get asked “what is technology?”
The best definition I’ve seen is “a way of doing things”.
Part of the success for Captain Cook when he discovered Australia was because he used the latest technology.
Technology is not just about computers or iPhones or gadgets. It’s about doing things in a different way.
If you can design a better way of doing things, you’ve created a new technology.
Do it today!
And, as always, If you want to discuss your ideas, leave a comment 🙂


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