Where is your perfect?


What does “perfect” look like for you?
I don’t mean some fantasy that you day dream about.
I mean an ideal that you’ve actually taken action on. Maybe everyday.
It might be getting the perfect lay up on the 7th green.
Or it might mean landing the perfect client for your business.
Or maybe helping your son get his dream job.
For you it might be the perfect relationship.
It will be different for us all.
But that something, is something you’ve allowed to have your first thought in the morning.
You’ve allowed it to enter your heart so deeply that even when you’re not conscious you allow it to enter your dreams.
You’ve invested your time, energy, money and hope in the pursuit of perfect.
We all have “perfect” on the inside of us.
We’re all designed to achieve ever increasing levels of perfection in at least one area.
It’s part of what makes you you.
It’s part of what we all love about you.
It’s your glory!
Leave a comment and let me know…. Where is your perfect?


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