An Important Question For You


Questions are powerful tools. They are great for creating conversation, aren’t they? They stimulate our thoughts and can unlock emotions.

People have made a living (a very good living) out of asking other people questions… Hello, Oprah!

We can ask questions of ourselves too. One very important question we should regularly ask ourselves is:

“Am I repeating myself?”

“Am I repeating myself?”

Success is repetition.

In business, one sale is great. But how much better are repeat sales?

As a Christian, repeating myself is practically my job description. Being fruitful & multiplying is what I’m designed to do.

So if I could have just one ability, I believe the ability to copy is the most powerful.

A seed is tiny but has one great thing going for it – it can copy itself. Again and again and again…it is literally full of fruit.

You can tell how many seeds there are in an apple, but you can’t tell how many apples there are in a seed…. There could be millions!

What do you want to copy? Who do you want to copy?

What do you have on the inside of you waiting to be copied? See? Questions are a powerful tool (there I go repeating myself again).

Feel free to start copying right now – please copy this link to your fruitful friends 🙂


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