A Voice Of One


On Friday night I went to the cricket at the WACA in Perth and I got more than I bargained for.

Apart from the cricket there was also what the man next to me described as “razzmatazz”. Apart from the bouncy castles, photo booths, roving ‘kiss cam’, fireworks, and music, between innings there were also contests … and a marriage proposal!

There was a stadium packed full of people and we were all cheering her on, urging her to say “yes”. But it made me think about the power of a voice of one.

I’m sure that if she had said “No”, it wouldn’t have mattered at all what the rest of the voices in the stadium were saying. When you propose marriage, only one voice matters.

Quite apart from proposals, when I’m in love, hearing the voice of my beloved is exquisite. I crave it more than food (yes, even Cadbury Dairy Milk).

It’s like their hand reaches into my heart and embraces it. Whatever else the voice is actually saying, my heart hears it as “everything is going to be ok”. It gives me courage. It’s reassuring, comforting, strengthening. And at the same time it melts me. I soften and yield. And relax. It’s like an injection of love and peace and joy given direct into the arteries of my soul.

No other voice can do that for me. Don’t get me wrong, it’s very cool when an old friend or a relative rings up. And if it’s been too long since I’ve heard from my bestie or my mum for a while, life doesn’t seem quite right.

But it’s not the same.

When it comes to love, my heart only has ears to hear a voice of one.

Matthew 3:3 describes John The Baptist as “The voice of one”. This voice of one literally prepared the way for the Saviour to come.

Just because we are the only ones saying what we are saying doesn’t mean we’re wrong. We’re just a voice of one.

Sure, it can be isolating when you’re a voice of one. It might even be hurtful and heart-breaking. John was rejected by most who heard him. But later the multitudes would embrace the message. Sometimes that isolation and rejection are what define your unique voice.

Sometimes it might be the opposite – riches, favour, popularity and a privileged life that means you are a voice of one.

Sometimes it might be just that you are the only one who can awaken your beloved’s heart.

Whatever it is, never underestimate the power of a voice of one.

Whether you are a trainer, author, speaker, songwriter or even just a parent, a lover, friend, colleague or boss, you have a unique voice – and it’s a privilege to be able to speak into someone else’s world. So speak up!

Leave a comment if you like. Or better yet, call me. It’s been too long since I’ve heard your voice…


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