100 facts about me

It might seem a little narcisstic (ok, a lot), but I saw another blogger blog “100 facts about me” and I really enjoyed the read. It helped me find out a lot more about them in a short space of time. I hope you enjoy learning more about me. If you’ve blogged 100 facts about you, post a comment with your link so I can get to know you too.

1. I need chocolate. All the time. My favourite chocolate is Cadbury’s Dairy Milk.
2. I was allergic to chocolate (and milk) when I was little.
3. I enjoy my life. I like helping other people enjoy their life. I love helping people expand their financial world.
4. I’m single. But still haven’t given up hope that Hugh Jackman will one day fall madly in love with me.
5. Jimmy Barnes (from Cold Chisel) can cheer me up from practically anything.
6. I enjoy going to the movies.
7. My best friend is also called “Sharon”. I call her Shaz. My family and friends call me Shaz.
8. I have lots of great friends.
9. I went to 7 different schools in 7 years. Then I went to more after that.
10. I’m smart. Smarter than most people I know. I have an almost endless ability to absorb new information, analyse it, contextualise it and communicate it so that it’s useful for others.
11. I make dumb choices. All the time. Dumber than most people I know.
12. I thrive in environments of strategic challenge, impossible deadlines and rapid change.
13. I’m fascinated by theory but pretty hopeless at just about everything practical.
14. My mum thinks I’m hopeless at just about everything.
15. I like maths and computers and finance and business. Yes, I’m a nerd.
16. My first entrepreneurial venture was when I used to get my brothers pocket money and “negotiate” with the lolly shop owner for half price rates. 50% Profit – woot!
17. I made my first million in business when I was 32. (I’d been a millionaire once before that – when I visited Italy at age 24 and you could buy more than 1,000 Lira for 1 Australian Dollar).
18. My day job is finance. My night job is computers. My weekend business is finance.
19. I communicate. I love speaking, writing, blogging, and training.
20. My latest book is available on Kindle from Amazon.com (and http://www.NeverPayBills.com.au)
21. I love reading, especially biographies and books about money.
22. I like trying to do Cryptic Crosswords. I learnt how to do them in a pub in Bristol – the Jersey
Lily. His name was Dave (I don’t know his last name).
23. My first White Christmas was in Vancouver in 1988. It was with my best friend, Sharon.
24. I share a birthday with Seth Brooks.
25. I’ve been on national television.
26. I’ve been on radio in 5 Australian states
27. I’ve been in newspapers in and magazines in Australia, United States, Japan, Finland.
28. I like travel. I love learning new languages and getting new money.
29. I’ve been to every state and territory in Australia (including every capital city).
30. I’ve travelled to England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Monaco, Luxembourg, Lichtenstein, Belgium, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, United States, Canada, Fiji, Vanuatu, Norfolk Island, United Arab Emirates.
31. I own real estate.
32. I own shares.
33. I own companies.
34. I’m a former member of the Australian Society of CPAs, the National Speakers Association of Australia, The Manly Warringah Media Co-op, The Australian Institute of Management, and The Australian Institute of Company Directors.
35. I was the first in my immediate family to go to university (I’m still the only one who has).
36. I was the first woman in my wider family to go to university (several of the next generation have since though).
37. I’ve got a degree in Business (major in Accounting).
38. I’ve got a Diploma in Christian Ministry and Biblical Studies.
39. I used to be a Bible College Lecturer.
40. I used to teach Sunday School.
41. My high school experienced “revival” in 1979 when Billy Graham held a crusade in Sydney.
42. I dated my law lecturer at University.
43. My math’s teacher at high school took me on a few dates. But my mum didn’t like that.
44. My first boyfriend was Philip Howe. He rode a motorbike all the way from Katoomba to Sydney to bring me my birthday present. I still have that present.
45. My last boyfriend in England was Paul Marshall. For my 25th birthday he gave me a crystal glass engraved with “Shaz”. I still have that present.
46. One of my boyfriend’s was named “Mic Jagger” but he preferred to be called Mike. I now work with “Michael Jackson” but he also prefers to be called Mike.
47. I met the love of my life on New Year’s Eve.
48. I was allergic to animal hair (especially cats, dogs and horses) when I was growing up.
49. I loved my Grandpa (Walter Job). I was one of his favourites.
50. All my grandparents have now passed away.
51. I still drive my late Nanna’s car – a Holden Barina.
52. I have one sister, the baby of the family.
53. I have two brothers (one older, one younger).
54. I started school in Tamworth, New South Wales, the capital of Country Music in Australia (yeah ha!) We lived on a chook farm when we first moved there.
55. I’ve had major surgery in 1984 and 1992.
56. I used to live in Bristol, United Kingdom.
57. I was diagnosed with Cancer when I was living in the UK.
58. My book, The Faithfulness Myth, was the first book in the world published to a mobile device. It was part of a competition that Nokia was holding. They wanted ideas for “the future of mobile phones”. The critics said “No-one will ever want to read a book on a mobile device”. e-book sales now outnumber printed book sales.
59. My company was subcontracted to do the first ever live Internet video streaming from Parliament House in Canberra (The University Awards).
60. I wrote the computer program to publish the first high school results on the Internet in Australia.
61. I wrote the computer program to publish the first University admission results on the Internet in Australia.
62. I learnt Internet programming from a book.
63. I wrote the first Internet training programs in Sydney
64. I delivered the first Internet training program in Sydney
65. I wrote to the Queen, on behalf of a friend, and got an answer back from her Lady In Waiting.
66. I wrote to Sir Alex Ferguson on behalf of a colleague, and got no answer back.
67. I play the piano. My dad used to take me out for breakfast to the Sheraton Wentworth Hotel in Sydney on the morning of my Piano exams (it’s not far from the Conservatorium of Music). He used to order a coffee and raisin toast, which I thought was ever so posh. But realise now was probably the cheapest thing on the menu, and all we could afford.
68. I still love going out for breakfast (as long as it’s not too early – I love a sleep-in).
69. My first paid job was at the local “Jewel’s” supermarket as a check-out chick. But my feet hurt. So I got a job playing piano for a ballet school. It was much more pleasant. All the cute little kids had to bow or curtsy to me at the end of the lesson and say “Thank you, Miss Jones”. Also, it was more than double the pay. I’ve doubled my pay lots since then.
70. I like writing poetry. But usually only do it when I’m in love.
71. My middle name is Ann. Like my mum’s. My mum got the name after the Princess Royal.
72. My first name means “pretty princess” in Hebrew (or more accurately, “Kings shall come from your womb”).
73. I don’t like Mangoes.
74. I really like Avocados.
75. I used to work at the Nuclear Reactor at Lucas Heights, NSW.
76. I was invited to an exclusive party at Australia House on The Strand in London in 1990 to help celebrate “Operation Kangaroo”. There were wall-to-wall Australian military men in uniform and only about half a dozen women. Good times!
77. I was in New York City when my first niece, Sasha, was born.
78. My biggest disappointment in life is not having any children.
79. My biggest regret in life is not selling my Internet business when I was offered $5,000,000 for it (in October 1999).
80. I love the ocean. Just seeing it does something for my soul. I love lying on the beach with a good book. Swimming in it soothes me. Walking on sand is hard work, but always feels like a privilege to me.
81. I rode a horse along the ocean in Fiji – it was an exhilarating experience.
82. I was in one of 88 hot air balloons that celebrated the Bicentennial year on Lake Burley Griffin in Canberra in 1998. It was for “work” (Sutherland Shire Council). I love hot air ballooning.
83. I prefer Summer to Winter.
84. My favourite meal is Pasta Carbonara – usually with fettuccine pasta.
85. For decades I was obsessed with Topeka in Kansas, USA. I finally got to visit in September/October 2010. It was an amazing time.
86. I’ve been cuddled by Martin Plaza (from Mental as Anything), James Reyne (from Australian Crawl), Guy Sebastian, Barry Crocker and several other “celebrities”. I like cuddles. But only from people I like.
87. I saved Matthew White’s life once. That was before he was the V8 Supercars commentator.
88. I’ve scuba dived in Vanuatu and snorkelled on the Great Barrier Reef.
89. I’ve climbed Ayres Rock.
90. I’ve stood on top of the World Trade Centre (before the 9/11 attacks, obviously).
91. I’ve been up the Eiffel Tower twice. I’ve been to Paris 3 times. I’d like to go more.
92. I read my bible nearly every day. It’s the most life-changing book I’ve ever read. It often freaks me out.
93. I like my Apple iPhone . It has changed the contents of my handbag, let alone the way I live my life.
94. I love watching sport. I love the clarity and finality of a full-time score. I especially love motor sport like MotoGP and Formula 1 where things can change very quickly and a thousandth of a second can mean the difference between winning and losing, and life and death. I don’t like losing, or death.
95. I got voted “Miss Cleavage 83” at the cricket (Sydney Cricket Ground, Australia vs England).
96. I used to play Tennis every Friday night with my parents (Richard and Janet Jones), siblings and a group of friends.
97. I’ve been robbed on 3 different continents.
98. I want to go to Antarctica.
99. A car blew up in my face once, and burnt my face, neck, chest and arms. Fortunately, I was right outside one of the best teaching hospitals in Sydney (RPAH) at the time.
100. I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that through faith in Him, my many, many sins are forgiven and my eternal destiny has been changed (thank God!)

Phew, I got through all that without mentioning facebook or twitter once.


5 Replies to “100 facts about me”

  1. You introduced the green m&m revolution to four young bible college students & gave me one of the funniest antidotes that I often retell!!

  2. I knew you were the most intelligent and fantastic person I have ever known Thank you for sharing things I didn’t know about you. I also want to go to Antarctic some day maybe we can do that together some day
    XO Deb Peykoff

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