Make It Happen


2 years ago I was spending a lot of my “free” time mentoring – both groups and individuals.

Mentoring has in-built accountability.

It’s hard to tell other people how to live their life right, if you’re letting things slip in your own life.

And it takes a lot of time and energy. So, it tends to lead you to let things slip. I needed to address that, and I wanted to take some time out for myself.

I cut it back to just 3 individuals. Admittedly, these were the kind of high-performance individuals that didn’t make my life easy – but that’s the kind of people I like hanging out with. People who have a dream and are going for it with all their heart.

And they’re all well and truly on their way to making it happen now. In fact I’ve probably had the last mentoring session with 2 of the 3.

And I had another relationship come to an end recently, which presented its own set of challenges, but also left me with more time on my hands.

So, now I can either decide to settle back and take it really easy. Or step it up. Again.

Really, I had no choice, because I’m a “step it up” kind of girl.

So I’ve thrown myself into all sorts of challenges – even physical ones like the #hbfrun  (complete with The Trainer From Hell aka SprintBoy) – and I’m determined to Make It Happen.

But the best way to grow in life is not to just get through your own challenges – as hard as they may be (I’ve had to keep telling myself lately “I know it’s hard. But try! Try with everything within you”) – it’s when you help others and reach out beyond yourself. That’s where the true growth and depth and richness of life is.

So if you really want to overcome your challenges and make it happen, what are you doing to help others make their dreams happen? Whatever it is, step it up!


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