Life Multiplied by Ten

10X: What would life be like if you had ten times more?

If you had ten times more money would your spending patterns change?

If you had ten times more time would your work-life balance tip in favour of more life?

If you had ten times the number of mothers-in-law …. OK not everything would be better.

But it would certainly be different!

I’m asking you to think about life multiplied by ten, because Internet access from mobile phones is now ten times as much as from fixed line connections.

The amazing wealth that was created during “the Dot Com Boom” of the late nineties, was based on the growth of Internet subscriptions.

But we are living in a time when there is ten times that growth going on.

Mobile phones are now the fastest selling product, ever.

More than classics like Coke. More than global fads like Rubik’s Cubes.

Will you be a consumer or producer for mobile services?

In other words, will you pay for it, or profit from it?



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