How to make the best decision

On the weekend Australia decided who would be her leader.

I love watching a nation making decisions, especially about leadership. The campaigning and election process is sometimes passionate, sometimes exhausting, sometimes annoying, often amusing.

Politicians sometimes treat it as a mere popularity contest. Voters often treat it as a marathon they just have to survive until things get back to normal (and they can largely ignore politics and politicians).

I don’t want to tell you how to vote, but watching the nation decide, reminded me about one of the best bits of decision-making wisdom I’ve ever heard.

ocean horizon

Listen, I know some decisions might seem “right” for right now. But anyone who’s flicked through a photo album from the eighties knows that choices that are in line with today’s fashions, may look very foolish indeed in decades to come.

Looking out to different horizons can help bring clarity about the consequences of your decisions.

So whether you are making choices about finance, business, technology or even a major personal decision, it’s wise to consider the impact of your choices on your future.

The 10-10-10 method simply asks you to position yourself in different time zones and review your decision with 3 simple questions.

What will be the possible consequences of the decision:

  1. In 10 minutes?
  2. In 10 months?
  3. In 10 years?

You might want to use those 3 questions to have conversations with people whose wise counsel you respect. If you still feel happy with the decision after prayerful consideration and your 10-10-10 review, it’s probably a great decision for you.

I hope Australia is still happy with her choice in 2023, too.


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