4 Ways To Get Maximum Rewards

I spent yesterday in the city at a very public charity fundraiser getting my head shaved to raise money for the Leukaemia Foundation. Here’s some before and after shots:


Worlds Greatest Shave

Normally, my giving is quite private. So it reminded me of what Jesus said about charitable deeds (Matthew 6:1-4). In fact this whole conversation was not just about charitable deeds, it was about all sorts of things (prayer, fasting, serving, managing finances, loyalty, anxiety, food, clothes etc).

But really, it was about just one thing. It was Jesus telling us how to get the maximum rewards in all sorts of situations.

Like most people who do charitable deeds, people who pray have got quite a few things right:

  1. Great thought to pray.
  2. A decision that you will pray – even better.
  3. To take action on that decision – awesome!

But even then Jesus says, there’s a way to pray where you exhaust all your rewards up-front, and a better way to do it that will bring maximum rewards.

Same with charitable giving and fasting and serving and finances and fashion and almost every other area you can think of.

I like that. I love that there is always a way to get maximum rewards.

There were a variety of things Jesus said to examine when you are looking for maximum rewards. Here’s my top 4 for business people:

1. Intimacy – examine what you are doing privately and what you are doing publicly. Are there some things you need to hide from your customers? Are there other things you need to share with the public and allow them to be part of your journey?

2. Spontaneity – are there some things you say without thinking? These scripts with no soul, or vain repetitions, don’t inspire anyone. Scripts aren’t bad, but allow your communication to come from the heart; believe it, feel it – you’ll be amazed at how differently people will respond you.

3. Equity – are your standards and payment terms fair? Do you forgive yourself and judge others? Do you expect customers to pay you up front but don’t pay your suppliers until the end of the month?

4. Priority – sometimes you can’t do two things well. You just can’t. You don’t have the time for a start! You’ve probably heard the saying “A jack of all trades and master of none”. Many business owners are like that. But to get maximum rewards you have to decide which task you’ll focus on. When you delegate or outsource tasks you allow yourself to master the one you keep. And allow other people to master the ones they get. So every task ends up done by a focused master.

Thoughts, decisions and actions to do good things are great and will bring rewards. But using these 4 small tweaks can mean even bigger rewards. (If you want to make it public, you can share your comments on what tweaks you’re going to implement this week).

And if you’d like a business coach to help you get maximum rewards, I’ve got some limited spaces for online coaching open – check out http://www.ShazAcademy.com


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