Strength and Success


Having taken on a new client this month who is a personal trainer (PT), I am getting much more conscious about things I don’t normally spend a lot of time thinking about.

I’m learning that trainers don’t just do things differently, they think differently too.

Did you know that unhealthy people think about “diet and exercise”, whilst healthy people focus on “nutrition and training”?

This week, I had three different people ask me to pray for them, specifically for strength.

When I asked them what their story was, they told me they were varying degrees of sick, tired and weak. One said she had an infection that “knocked the stuffing out of me!”

I prayed for strength for all of them. And my instinct was to tell them to go to bed and get some sleep (I even tucked one of them in!).

But instead of just agreeing that a prayer for strength was the best thing I could for them, I decided to think about how my PT client might define success in that situation. And investigate if there was a different, better way to help them next time.

What would my PT client do? Would he look at what was causing them to be sick and tired in the first place? Would he load them up with steroid-like supplements, prescribe some weight training and recommend some protein shakes? Would he raise his energy levels and motivate them with encouragement?

And what strength-inducing prescription would Jesus wisely treat us with?

It’s interesting. Jesus said “Come unto me… and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28)

Rest? The opposite of strength. The opposite of stamina and fighting through and never quitting. I guess sometimes, when we are weary, we don’t need strength to carry more burdens. What we need is a short nanna nap, (or even a long holiday).

It’s not that we don’t need strength. It’s just that when we’re weary, it’s okay to be weary. Looking for strength before rest is like putting the cart in front of the horse. Rest is the powerhouse of our strength.

In business, having a holiday is one of the best strategies I know. I always get much quicker results both before and after I completely disengage from my business.

Have you been trying hard to get financially strong? Are budgets making you a bit weary? Are you tired of being financially weak? Maybe you need to give it a rest, literally. I always build in holidays and rewards into my clients’ budgets. After all, desperate times can call for decadent measures 😉

As a communicator, I know that sometimes the strongest way to make a point is to… pause. The silence screams louder than any words.

So, today, you have permission to respond to weariness by resting, rather than strengthening.

I’m sure you’ll find the rest will result in increased strength.

As for me, I’m going hardcore – I’m going on holiday.


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