Success Magazine And Public Speaking

Following my cosuccess mag covermments on this article about willpower in Success Magazine, (on the trinity power of I will, I won’t and I want) I just got invited to be included in the “Your Say” section of the July Issue…. “space permitting”, of course.

But still, woot! #success

Speaking of trinity, I also booked in a speaking gig at Trinity College in Perth for next month. I’m speaking on (the trinity of ) Work, Entrepreneurship and Spirituality. Feel free to share your thoughts on any of those subjects – and I just may quote you in my presentation… “space permitting”, of course 🙂




5 Replies to “Success Magazine And Public Speaking”

  1. I built a business out of very little (a magazine company) over 10 years, then sold it to return to writing. I learned there is a world of difference between entrepreneurship and business ownership. One is creative, the other merchant work. My experience — both the good and the bad — was essentially spiritual, the actualization of an idea into form. But you can’t sew too long lest you weave yourself into the form.

      1. I built and sold a food magazine that covers spicy foods, Child Pepper. It’s still around. I’m presently covering technology as a senior editor for Design News. Plus, I write and speak about spirituality.

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