How To Speed Up Prosperity

This month my new clients at Shaz Academy have enjoyed quick results. And were kind enough to share their good news (e.g. Michael gained 6 new clients and had a 50% increase in revenue in one month).

If you’ve seen my 2009 youtube video on “economic velocity” you’ll know that I’ve been thinking about the speed of prosperity for quite a while now.

But well before that, I was asking my students to do an experiment. It’s based on the story of the widow who having lost her husband, was in danger of losing her sons over a bad debt:
“the creditor is coming to take my two sons to be his slaves.” (2 Kings 4).

With so much at stake, and the creditor on the way, the pressure was on. Obviously, this was the most daunting time of her life. She had no experience at handling situations like this. And there was no Google to help her out.

She did the best thing possible – she got a coach. And did everything the coach asked her too.

And in a short time, she had not only paid off the debt and kept her sons safe from the creditor, she had money to live off and secured the future of her family.

When I ask my students to imagine this scenario, and come up with a plan to raise the money to pay off all their debts within 24 hours, I am amazed.

None of them exchange their children for a debt-free life. They all choose relationship over prosperity. That’s not the bit that amazes me.

What amazes me is that they all come up with at least one plan for paying off all their debt in less than a day. Some of them are very creative (let’s just say Eddie McGuire should expect a few phone-a-friend calls 🙂

I don’t give them any advice, no new knowledge, no skills-based training, no money or any other resource. I simply place them in an unfamiliar pressure-cooker of accountability. I give them a challenge and a deadline. And they all create a financial strategy to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars in a day.

Then I ask them “If you can do that, why haven’t you done that?”

What is it about my intervention that causes them to get such amazing results so quickly? How can I speed up prosperity?

The answer is not that they need something else (time, money, skills etc). The solution came from inside them. It was there all along.

The answer is they need relief from pleasure. They need pressure.

oyster-pearl-100903-02Only the weight of external pressure can turn a lump of coal into a diamond, only an intruder irritating the oyster can produce a pearl, only fire can refine the gold.

None of the most precious substances known to man are created pure and precious. They are produced from a process of pressure.

If you’re feeling under pressure right now, you’re probably closer to prosperity than you realise. And when it happens, it can happen quite quickly!

It may not produce the most pleasure, but only a coach can intentionally irritate, cajole and burn you in ways you will never do to yourself, to produce the best you you can be.

You might hate them for it during the process. But when you receive the prize, you’ll happily tell the world how much you love your coach.



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