Get A New Job – Guaranteed

lotteryGetting a new job can be a bit like winning the lottery. Everyone wants it. Thousands of hopefuls get their ticket. But only one ever wins. And, let’s face it, that one is hardly ever you.

There’s an internet fun fact that you are more likely to die on the way to buying your ticket than you are to win.

And yet people keep hoping.

The ancient writer said “hope deferred makes the heart sick”.

Us humans aren’t wired for uncertainty. It makes us physically ill. We operate much better under certainty.

That’s why I’m designing a new job site that has certainty built into it.

It won’t be like existing sites that help you seek jobs, it will help you find them.

It won’t be about a process of creating a profile, applying for a job, submitting a resume, writing a cover letter, explaining how you fit selection criteria, and all the hoops that come after that.

It will be about bypassing all the jumping through hoops and going straight to payday.

It will be like buying a lottery ticket when you already know it’s the winning ticket.

I can’t wait to share it with you. If you want to be among the first winners, join the waiting list now at


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