3 Tips To Make Problem Solving Simple

Like Ariana Grande and her good friend Iggy Azalea most people are happy when  they have “one less problem”.

But sometimes we make solving problems harder than it needs to be. Here’s my 3 tips for getting to “solved”.

1. Don’t Solve the problem you Don’t have.

I met with a client tonight. He has a new business and one really great client. His problem is that he doesn’t have any other clients. But when I suggested some simple practical ways to get more clients he immediately protested “but what if I get overwhelmed with new clients?”

It’s a common mistake when solving problems of lack to get distracted by potential problems of abundance. Sure, it’s prudent to think ahead, but don’t confuse a potential future problem, with an actual current problem.

2. Don’t expect other people to solve your problem

When we discussed ways for approaching new clients he correctly predicted “but they won’t want to see me”. To solve your own problem, you will normally have to solve someone else’s problem first. And their problem will usually be entirely different to yours, sometimes the exact opposite.

The best way to get new clients is to solve a problem for them. You might need more money, they might need more medical care or food or time. Solving their problem, solves yours.

3. Don’t Solve your Biggest Problem

How do you eat an elephant?

One bite at a time.

Most problems are only problems because we haven’t broken them down into small enough pieces. In fact, most people enlarge the problem and make it bigger and more complicated than it really is. If you want more clients, just go and visit them and start having actual conversations with potential clients. The problem doesn’t need a strategic review, a three month website development project or another thousand dollars spent on a social media campaign.

If you want to make problem solving simple, first make the problem simple. Take a tip from Ariana and Iggy “I should be wiser and realise that I’ve got one less problem…”

Ask yourself “What can I get done today that will solve this problem?” and you’ll discover the solution is usually much simpler than you thought.

Feel free to leave a comment. What’s your best problem solving tip?


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