Attract Income, Funding, Grants, Sales and even Pay Rises

It’s been almost a decade since I wrote my first ever grant application. It happened because my boss asked me to check what he’d written. Even though I’d never written a grant application before, I said “I wouldn’t give you any money”.

So he told me to write it instead. Then, when he’d read what I wrote, he decided to send mine off instead of his. He really didn’t have anything to lose, because he’d never been successful in getting a grant application.

They sent me double what I’d asked for!

From then on, I wrote all the grant applications.

That first one, was only for a couple of thousand dollars, to cover some airfares and accommodation to attend a conference on the other side of the continent.

The biggest grant I ever got was for half a million dollars (to help build a new building).

Although it’s been more than 5 years since I recorded this video, which was years after I’d written my first application, the principles I share are still just as relevant and powerful today.

If you’re looking for more money and you need to pitch or persuade others to get that money, you’ll need to know these things.

Please leave a comment and let me know what your tips are, especially if you use new mediums like social media to attract funding.


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