Top 10 Ways to InTENsify your Social Media Marketing Profits


I often get asked what is the best way to increase social media traffic? (I think it’s the wrong question, but I’ll get to that later).

So here’s some tips for increasing your “traffic” (or number of “hits” you get) for your social media posts.

  1. Competition
    The quickest way to increase your traffic is to hold a contest of some sort. People love to win stuff. Also, it gives your customers a message that you want to get stuff to them not just get money off them. The best competitions are either for a high priced item (like a holiday – if you win one, can I come too?), or for a lower priced item that everyone can use (like some movie tickets or a restaurant voucher – again, can I come too?). If you only try one strategy from this whole post, do this.
  2. Completion

    Another really simple strategy is to ask people to complete a sentence. For example, “My favourite chocolate is … (complete the sentence)”. If it was my social media post, I would include a picture of Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate – but others will like Lindt balls, or Ferroro Rochers etc. And remember, don’t make it just about your product or service, make it about something everyone has an opinion on and you’ll get a lot more traffic. In other words, make your social media, social!

  3. Expression

    11659363_10153107808550924_8293141580159518414_nHere’s a photo from today of me with Executive General Manager of Channel Ten, Russel Howcroft. He is also one of Australia’s favourite advertising gurus and part of the Gruen Transfer team on my old employer, Australian Broadcasting Corporation television.

It doesn’t matter whether you are using text, emojis, infographics, photos or videos, always try and include a face in your post. If you walk into a newsagent and browse all the hundreds of different types of magazines, most of the covers have a face on them. It doesn’t matter whether the topic is gardening, motor cycles, cooking or celebrity gossip – we are created to respond to facial expressions before we can even speak. Smiles sell. ūüôā

4. Emotion

Have you seen the new movie Constipation?
It hasn’t come out yet.

Okay, that may not be very funny, but I want it to remind you that even if you are only using text, make it moving (see what I did there?). We always (yes, always) make buying decisions with our emotions, then we later try and justify them with logic. So make a decision with each post about how you want your customer to feel.

5. Identification

Have you ever felt like someone has completely misunderstood you? You were trying to be nice and they took it as though you were being nasty? It’s a horrible feeling. I¬†recently posted a picture on my friend’s facebook page to give her a laugh. She took it the wrong way and got offended. I was devastated. Has that ever happened to you?

One of the most effective things you can do to get traffic is to identify with your audience. Show them that you identify with them – their struggles, their dreams, their successes. Your aim should be to make your viewer say “me too!”.

6. Categorisation

Don’t be afraid of hashtags. If you want more traffic, they are your best friend. They can help you multiply the number of views with very tiny tweaks that take virtually no effort at all.

Okay, I’m about to shock you. And it will really help skyrocket your social media success.

If you use the hashtag #success on Instagram you will join a club of over 10 million people. If you instead decide to use #successtips you will join a club with barely¬†13,000. In other words, you’ll boost your audience by 76,923% just by using the right hashtag! You can thank me later.

7. Diversification

There’s more than one social media platform. You might prefer facebook, but if you want younger customers, you should be on snapchat, too. If your product is highly visual and aimed at mothers, you’ll definitely want to be on Pinterest.

I am getting lots of new leads from video apps lately – Periscope and Blab being my top two. Six months ago I wasn’t even using either of these! Open an account on a new platform today, and watch how your traffic grows and changes.

8. Action

Okay, I said earlier, that I think “how do I get more traffic?” is the wrong question.

It’s fine getting all this traffic, but unless you get them to take action, it really is pointless. Always have a goal in mind. Do you want to increase your likes? comments? followers? shares? sales? profits? Whatever it is, be clear what it is.

It might just be building rapport or expanding the hashtags to reach new audiences. You don’t have to always state it explicitly, but unless you are clear what you want your followers to do, the chance of them doing it is really slim.

9. Acquisition

I’m a big capturer (I know it’s not a word but ‘captor’ sounds like ‘velociraptor’ and that makes me feel like a dinosaur).

Today, I captured photos of my favourite moments at the studio. I also captured my favourite learnings by taking notes. And lastly, I captured contact details by swapping business cards.

If you’ve done everything to get traffic to your social media accounts and you haven’t got a way of capturing their details, you’re really wasting your time and efforts.

You don’t want to go to a party, meet the perfect partner, and then have no way of seeing them again. Become a capturer! At least ask for an email address so you can chat with your customers¬†when they’re not on social media.

10. Conversion

I’m not talking about a Damascus Road experience where you suddenly see the light and become a Born Again Believer (if you’re intelligent enough to read this whole blog, I’m assuming you’ve already done that anyway). I’m talking about converting all of your social media marketing – traffic, likes, followers, comments, shares and sales – into something far more valuable; profits.

Profits are not about the money you make, it’s about what you keep.

How do you do¬†social media marketing in a way that allows you to keep more profits? Now, that’s a far better question! If you’d like me to answer it in an upcoming blog, you’ll have to like this post, leave a comment about your favourite tip and follow the blog (so you’ll receive it via email and we can take the party back to your inbox ;-).


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