5 Things People Need To STOP Doing!!

stop commonsI think we all want the world to be a better place. Here’s where you can help…. And the good news is everyone can start this To Don’t List today!

  1. Gossiping – if it’s none of your business, you shouldn’t be talking about it or listening to others who do. Stop!
  2. Judging – even professional Judges excuse themselves if they are biased and they never make a decision before they’ve heard ALL the evidence from BOTH sides. You’re an amateur for a reason; you don’t have all the facts and you’re biased. Your judgments are invalid. Stop!
  3. Criticising – I’m amazed how many people think they know better than someone who is clearly more successful than they are (e.g. the Prime Minister). Even if you’re more successful, the world needs more encouragers, not more critics. Stop!
  4. Complaining – if you’re always focused on what’s wrong, guess what you’ll get more of! Stop!
  5. Favouritism – when you exclude people and you form your own little clique (especially when you’re in a position of power) you create ill-will for yourself and hurt for others. Stop!

People* need to stop doing all of these things.

*By “people”, I of course mean me… If you catch me doing any of these things, please feel free to remind me to “stop”!


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