Top Secrets of High Performance Bloggers


Success Tactics of Top Bloggers is a great article based on an annual research project.

If you’re writing blogs for hobby and especially if it’s for business, I recommend reading the whole article.

But here’s my quick takeaways:

  • The top 6% of bloggers invest twice as much time as the bottom 70%.
  • Use an editor – even if it’s just a friend – to look over your work before you publish.
  • The goal is never “more content”, it’s always, “how much content do we need for a behavior change?”
  • Smart bloggers don’t create content without a plan to promote.
  • Click-bait articles are dead. And what you see next might surprise you. 🙂

In summary, blogging is growing up. There are signs of more professionalism across the industry.

Please leave a comment to tell me your views of the industry trends or how your blogging habits are changing.


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