Environments That Cause Prophets To Thrive


Did you know that it is dangerous for humans to enter the storage chambers of apples? It is not a harmful, toxic gas.  Rather, the atmosphere is changed and is devoid of oxygen.

There are some things, seemingly benign, that can change atmospheres in ways that make it impossible for humans to thrive.

I think a major part of the prophetic is changing atmospheres… but not in a harmful way.

‘But Jesus said to them, “A prophet is not without honor except in his own country, among his own relatives, and in his own house.”’ (Mark 6:4).

Jesus said that a prophet can not be separated from honor. The two grow together in the same atmosphere. They are inextricably linked… well almost inextricably.

A prophet can be extricated from honor in just one environment… his own. His own country, his own relatives, his own house – his own environment is toxic to prophetic honour.

When we see a prophet as “one of us”, we sever the honor that they carry on them… even if they are the Son of God!

Just like apple seeds, the prophetic will produce radically different results in different environments.  Jesus told a story of a seed that produced nothing on stony ground and 100 fold on good ground.

A prophet can’t be one of “us”. If she is, she is not honored as a prophet. Familiarity breeds contempt.

To receive a prophet properly, you must receive a prophet differently.

So if a prophet is not one of “us” who is she one of?

Jesus made it clear that the act of receiving is the act that links us all the way up the chain – to God Himself.

“He who receives you

receives Me,

and he who receives Me

receives Him who sent Me.

He who receives a prophet

in the name of a prophet

shall receive a prophet’s reward.” (Matthew 10:40-41)

There is honor and reward when you treat a prophet as a prophet – one sent from God, not one from our backyard.

Often the first thing a prophet will do after she is introduced, is remind people that they are not here to hear from her, but from God. They shift the atmosphere and help people focus their faith in Jesus, not her.

So, if you’re a prophet and you’ve been separated from honor, what is the strategy to be restored?

There’s only one thing you can do.


That’s what Jesus did (Mark 6:6).

Go to another place where they will receive you. It will allow you to receive honor, and function in your gifting. And allow those that receive you to receive prophetic rewards.

I don’t know any prophets who are still prophesying in the place they were born. If they were I doubt they would be honoured at all. Like apples, prophets aren’t meant to be stored up in the one place.


What do you think? Can a change of environment change results both for you and those you are sent to? Leave a comment and let me know – feedback is one of the environments I thrive in 🙂


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