Kingdom Entrepreneurship 101 – Building Better Business Funnels

Last week, I had the privilege of speaking to an amazing couple. They have owned their own business for more than six years, have had a business coach for more than two years, have come within a whisker of their first million dollar year and have lots of happy customers, suppliers and employees. By all accounts they are very successful.

But they still felt like things were harder than they needed to be.

We got around to talking about what God did on Day 1. His work diary is the first thing He shares with us right in the first chapter of the first book of the bible.

And what did He do on that first day? Essentially, it comes down to three tasks:

  1. Creation – He created Light.
  2. Separation – He separated his newly created Light from the old darkness.
  3. Evaluation – He made sure the work He’d completed was good.

Whilst I find a lot of business owners are really great at creation (doing the work), and evaluation (making sure the customer is happy), what they are not so great at is the work of separation.

In fact, some people skip it altogether. Consequently, they feel like the business is all-consuming.

Imagine if God had created light but didn’t do the work of separation? The new light would still be mixed in with the old dark and everything would be a murky grey. The dark wouldn’t be dark enough to sleep properly and the light wouldn’t be light enough to work properly.

All of the creation work would’ve been wasted.

And can you imagine trying to keep customers who wanted dark or light happy? Without separation it wouldn’t just be stressful, and take a lot of hard work to fix, it would literally be impossible!

All your other activities will be stressful for you, and less than satisfactory for your clients, if you don’t learn to do the work of separation.

God did it on Day 1. It was one of His first priorities.

Is it time you made it your priority?

Here’s some examples of separation work:

Create a structure. Draw up an organisational chart that defines each of the separate roles in your business. You might have to put your name next to manager, book keeper, sales leader – and every other role, for now. But at least now you know the size and shape of your eventual organisation.

Create a salary for yourself. Separate out some money to pay yourself every week. Even if it is only a small amount at first. You’ll be amazed how powerful it is when you start separating business finances from personal finances.

Create a schedule. Separate out some time each day to do some business planning and to do some non-business “me time”. You might want to devote that time to having a workout, reading a book to learn new skills, or just relaxing at a cafe.

I know a lot of people who are working hard in their business and they think what they need is even more hard work. That’s usually not the case. They usually need to do some separation work.


It’s like knowing your car needs fuel, oil and water, so putting them all in the fuel tank. Your car won’t go anywhere. And putting in more fuel won’t help at all. All your efforts are diluted and your results will continue to sputter.

You’ll only start making real progress when you’ve done the work of separation. The good news is that once the separation is done, every little bit of fuel you add works better than all the fuel before.

You might find your business needs to have several streams continually pouring in but you’ve only focused on one. Do you need a separate funnel for marketing and customer sales, another funnel for employees and sub-contractors, and yet another funnel for developing managers and leaders?

Most of my clients are amazed after they’ve done the work of separation at how much less work they have to do in creation and evaluation.

Hiring a coach or mentor is the best way to funnel in a separate perspective to your business. If you need a breakthrough to help you achieve more and struggle less, call me on +61 (0)432 857 299.

Once you’ve done the separation work God did from Day 1, you’ll find the rest of your week is much more successful!


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