Change – How does it happen?

change brendon burchard

One of the things I love most about Australia is that we are open to change. Whether it be business, technology or politics we’re keen to be early adopters. This year we got our fifth Prime Minister in as many years.

Change can be a great thing. One of the things Jesus fought against was tradition.

Recently, I watched a video from Brendon Burchard. I always get at least one great insight even when it’s just his sales pitch.

This insight, on change, has been changing me – changing the way I look at my life, and the lives of others.

Change happens either by something new coming into your life, or by something new coming out of YOU.

What are you doing to invest in you becoming more?

To use a cliche, do something your future self will thank you for.

Create more, try a new food, switch up your schedule.

Meditate, pray, learn. Intentionalise change from within.

Influence usually flows from contribution. What are you doing for others?

How can you change to do it better, quicker, cheaper, for more people? I chose a shorter blog post, hoping it will serve those who are so busy at this time of year.

Who knows? One small change might change your life in a big way.

You might even end up being our next Prime Minister. We’re due for another change next year.



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