Survival of the Funniest


So, you know how when you make a New Year’s Resolution, statistically you’re going to give up on it in less than a week.

In December, 2015 I had a few people who seemed to go out of their way to make me feel bad. They seemed intent on thinking the worst of me and going out of their way to tell me so, pointing out all the ways that I was failing to live up to their expectations and how I didn’t fit in.

So I made a New Year’s Resolution:
In 2016 I will do my best to make people feel good.

I kicked around a few ideas with my friend, Liz, and like all good friends she promised to help my dreams come true, as long as I paid her ten percent commission.

That’s when things started to go pear-shaped.

One night I was on Facebook and I got distracted and clicked on one too many links, thinking “this will make Liz’s job easier”.

Immediately, I got an email saying “Congratulations! You’ve registered for a Raw Comedy heat next week.”

As soon as I saw the email I thought “What have I done?”

I laughed (nervously) that the poster implied that most don’t survive the experience.

People keep telling me that I’m brave. But my heart is actually freaking out. My head reassures me that it is not actually life threatening to stand up in a pub and try to make people have a laugh.

So, if you’re in Perth, and you want to see my comedy debut this Thursday night, you can buy tickets and get more details here (Heat 1):

I’d love to see you there.

I’ve never done anything like this before, so I can’t promise that it will be good. But I can promise that it comes from a good place – and I will do my best to make people feel good.

The irony is, I feel nauseous!

Unlike, my New Year’s Resolution, I hope the nausea doesn’t last more than a week.



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