Finding Hidden Treasures

We all know appearances can be deceiving. But should they be?

If you watch Superman, you’d have to answer yes.

Superman super hiddenMost of the world only sees Superman’s heroic deeds meeting other’s needs – his instagram feeds.

But Clark Kent is the one who earns the money. Think about that for a minute… He’s slaving away at his desk, most of the day, most of the year, being boring old Clark. And getting paid.

Superman is merely the part-time volunteer.  Clark is the full-time worker.

I think all of our lives are a bit like that. Most people who only know me via social media, can’t work out how I earn money because I’m never selling, I’m just superheroing.

I’d worked in media before, at newspapers and radio stations, but it was when I first started working in television, that I began to understand the phrase “the magic of television”.

Television rarely shows you the boring bits. It’s called SHOW business for a reason – they’re always putting on a show. And that show hides the boring bits and bad news… the business.

Understanding what to hide and what not to, is a key skill in media.

And it’s the key skill that Jesus addresses in Matthew 6 when he shows people how to get maximum rewards from the same activity; it’s often by hiding what you’re doing.

It’s not a case of not being authentic, quite the opposite. It’s a case of not doing things with the primary motivation of putting on a show – the performance, the being seen, is a type of reward, but it robs you of the true reward.

There are two different kinds of deceiving appearances; hypocrisy and intimacy. One draws attention to how good you are and how bad others are. The other uncovers yourself before God and lovingly covers over the sins of others.

When Jesus told stories about heaven, it was often also about the hidden… a pearl buried in a field, a seed sown in soil. Most of the most precious things in this world have to be searched for – pearls, gold, oil … none of them are freely found on the surface.

I find it interesting that angels are often so “deceptive” the we are encouraged to be hospitable to everyone because it’s possible to be completely unaware that you are entertaining angels.

Even if your business is struggling, don’t judge a book by its cover. Your business has hidden treasures in it. Some people, especially media people, are practiced in seeing the hidden things that others are completely unaware of. It’s like they have Superman’s x-ray vision.

If you want to start working with me to uncover your hidden treasures, email and let’s turn this show into a business!


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