How To Get Guaranteed Political Results

Dear Politicians,

Forget friction and factions, political results are all about fractions.

Have you ever been in a conversation where someone says “You’ll never guess what happened next….” and you DID guess? They can’t believe it, right? They think you’re a flippin’ genius!


I’m Shaz Jones. Over the years I’ve been featured on national television (A Current Affair), radio (ABC, Qantas Business Radio, 2SM etc) and multiple times in local print media – as well as internationally (Wired Magazine USA, and others in Japan, Finland etc). I’ve also spoken at media conferences (ABC Radio), business networking functions, high schools, and church-based events including prophetic conferences, bible colleges, Sunday services and women’s events. And I write a book every year.

I am a degree-qualified business professional, serial entrepreneur and an Australian Internet Pioneer. I have been making money online ever since June 1994.

But perhaps my best work was one night when my sister asked me to help my nephew with his homework. She thought it was a technology problem, so I’d be able to help.

My nephew, Jamin, is on the autism spectrum. He’s reasonably high-functioning Aspy. In his first year of high school his mother asked me to help him with his mathematics homework on the computer.
The module was on fractions. It didn’t take long for me to realise he was really struggling. After a bit more digging, I uncovered two real problems. Firstly, he didn’t understand the very basics of how fractions worked. Secondly, he believed that people who were good at homework were just “better guessers” than he was. He had no concept that there was a way of doing things that would get you to the right answer every time. Guaranteed.
Once I showed him how fractions worked and he experienced the transformation of being able to know the right answer every time, he wouldn’t stop doing his homework until the computer confirmed his 100% result. And, after years of her own heart-ache and frustration, let alone her son’s, his mother thought I was a genius!
I think a lot of people are like Jamin when it comes to media, especially social media. They’re really just guessing. They’re frustrated and demotivated. It seems like a waste of time and effort. They can’t work out why others seem to be “media darlings”. Are they just “better guessers”?
Even the best of guessers, like very well-experienced “old media” commentators, didn’t see the political shifts coming over the last few years – so they were totally caught off-guard by results like Brexit and Trump.
I never would have guessed they’d try to blame Cambridge Analytica, Facebook or the Russians. They’re still trying to find someone to blame (which totally misses the point). Meanwhile, they’re overlooking the real lessons here.
It used to be that being elected before was an asset. Name and face recognition, your track record of getting things done, your network of contacts, party supporters and donors, meant you had a whopping advantage over your opponents.
The data is showing now that the pendulum has swung way the other way. You are multiple times (not just fractions) more likely to win an election if you have none of that. Especially when the most is at stake and media involvement is at its highest e.g. national or state elections versus local elections. Yet most political parties are still choosing candidates based on what has stopped working. Because they’re still using advisors whose advice has stopped working.
I have been making money online ever since June 1994.
There was a lot of guessing at the start. But my first $10K pay day online was in 1996, and by 1998 I’d made my first million dollars online. Things are constantly changing online, so twenty years later the techniques aren’t the same. But I know how to crack the code and get to the right answer, every time.
These days, I manage digital assets to help leaders and influencers optimise their online influence. I worked with the Australian Electoral Commission during the 2016 Federal Election campaign. I was the NSW Media and Operations Manager for Rev Fred Nile MLC’s CDP in 2017 during the Marriage Equality campaign. And started working with Geoff Lee MP in 2018.
Would you like to meet to see if I can be of assistance in managing media assets (such as editing/writing a community newsletter, correspondence, or running complete social media marketing campaigns) for you?
I understand some of this work may already be being done, but with an election getting closer every day, and the new Skills Development Allowance, you may want to invest in ways to sharpen those skills, using data techniques that mean you can get the right answer, every time, for a fraction of the real cost of a failed campaign.
For example, did you know that for the exact same cost – same everything else – simply having a photo of someone, anyone, even if they’re widely hated, with their thumbs up, will multiply the amount of likes you get on a facebook post? That’s why my facebook profile picture is of me standing in front of the thumbs up sign at Facebook Headquarters in Silicon Valley. People tell me all the time there’s “nicer photos” of me I should use as my profile picture. But they’re just guessers. I’ve seen the data. I’m a knower.
If you don’t invest in managing your digital assets strategically, you’ll never guess what happened next to your political career…. but I will – guaranteed.
Let’s chat. Book a time for your 4-step Political System Consultation.

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