New Book Published – Shortcut

Very happy to share with you that my new book “Shortcut: Bible Technology Hacks for Better, Faster Results” was published today.

You can order the kindle (ebook) version online now from

Seeing how technology has provided shortcuts for every part of our every day lives in 2018 helps us to understand how advanced God’s way of doing things truly is. When the Bible mentioned results 2,000 years ago like “every eye shall see” most scoffed at this idea of instant, global, video as being “impossible”. But in the age of Facebook Live, these results aren’t even hard, let alone miraculous. They are child’s play, not radical.
This understanding allows Christians to see the Bible with fresh prophetic eyes. As a living, breathing, fulfilment of prophecy himself, you’ll be amazed at how many kingdom methods and advanced marketplace technologies Jesus modelled to show shortcuts that are now used by the likes of Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google and Uber etc. You’ll learn to see scripture through fresh eyes and discover how to get better, faster results right now – for yourself and others.
In John 2:20 Jesus knew that building a temple used to take a whole working life (46 years) but he showed he could achieve the same thing in a radically different way in just 3 days.
Is it possible that His way of financial management can help you achieve the same outcomes of a whole working life in just 3 days? Who are the people who’ve already achieved that? What are the “vocational theology” keys to make that shortcut work for you?
Is it possible that water management or transport technologies will soon make walking on water child’s play? Will advances in health technology mean even children can instantly heal blind eyes?
Join me as I unfold bible technology – from Genesis to Jesus and beyond – so you can get better, faster results.

And for those of you who prefer the feel of flicking the pages, the paperback version is currently in production and should be available by the end of this month.



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