Happily Ever Before

Three sneaky tips for making more memorable speaky bits:

1. Happily

Insert emotion if you want your communication to be memorable. Win hearts. Channel Ten news is especially good at this. They nearly always start a story with the emotion they want you to feel way before they tell you any facts. For example, “Outrage today in Canberra as politicians decided to…” or “Excitement today in Canberra as politicians decided to…”. When you tell your audience how you’d like them to feel it’s amazing how many times it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

2. Ever

Add intensity. Extremes are, of course, the most intense. So if you can find something that is the fill-in-the-blank ever e.g. best ever, worst ever, first ever, most ever, last ever, least ever and so on, you’ll make your communication the most memorable ever. But it doesn’t just have to be an “ever”. Anything you can do to turn up the volume, especially on emotion, will make your message heard more clearly. Sometimes just changing one word is all it takes. Make sad depressed. Turn happy into blissful. Facebook analysed millions of posts and found that those that were the most extreme – both positive and negative – were most likely to be liked, commented on and shared with others.

3. Before

Add surprise. Every fairytale finishes with a happily ever after, so a simple twist to reverse the sequence makes your communication stand out from the crowd of forgettable fables. No-one would ever watch a murder mystery if there was no mystery. No one laughs at comedy that is predictable. Win minds. When you surprise people, you help their brain focus. So before you deliver your next speech, preach, blog or facebook post, try and insert a surprise to delight your audience.

To really power-up your communication, go for a triple treat combination and you’ll shortcut your way to way more impact in the quickest time possible.

Intensely emotional surprises are the secret sneaky tip for super speaky freaks. Just remember “Happily Ever Before” and you’ll leave your audience wanting…. a bit more.