Start With Z

Start with Z

Why "Start with Why?" when you could Start with Z? Starting with why can leave you in a paralysis of analysis and unproductive overthinking or anxiety. Z cures all that.


How “Essentialism” Kills Success

I've been a big fan of the best-selling book "Essentialism" by Greg McKeown. Most things are trivial, according to the Mormon Bishop and author. Essentialism is summarised as "determining what is truly necessary, and shedding what is not" in other words, it is a systematic approach to the relentless pursuit of "less but better", in …

Misunderstanding Motivation Monday

We all need motivation - hence the popularity of the Twitter hashtag #MotivationMonday. Motivation, our drive to take action, is closely linked to our motive;  what is the reason behind the action? Whilst people can clearly see and judge our actions, our motives are unseen and often far more complex than those who judge us …

How To Get Guaranteed Political Results

Dear Politicians, Forget friction and factions, political results are all about fractions. Have you ever been in a conversation where someone says "You'll never guess what happened next...." and you DID guess? They can't believe it, right? They think you're a flippin' genius!   I'm Shaz Jones. Over the years I’ve been featured on national …