Facebook Live Engagement Strategies

Are your Facebook Live videos living up to their true potential? These 12 quick tips will help boost engagement.


Script Writing for Fun and Profit

Many times you bought something because a great writer had created a sales script. But because the overwhelming number of times you've come into contact with a bad script it was a dodgy telemarketer, you probably hate even the thought of using a sales script to improve your results. Think about this, though... Every song …

The Real Value of Real Estate

Are you a real estate agent who wants to get more out of life but also provide the best service to your clients? Discover the bible's wisdom helping modern realtors work less, while helping create massive client value.

Costly Technology

Pearl Harbor provides technology lessons for both radical disruptive new tools, as well as slight design modifications improving on existing technologies, and simple codes. This technological prowess changed the course of history.