I love champions – those special people who can capture attention, inspire others, and deserve to be seen.

I love sharing their good news, catching them being their best and helping them find a wider audience.

I’m retained by leaders and organisations to shine a spotlight that maximises great outcomes… even before their well-known or during a crisis (turnaround stories are my favourite!)

This often involves helping redefine what is normal; seeing more possibilities and thinking bigger (especially in the way they serve others).

It looks like content creation and connection (yes, I will ask for your contact details so we can stay in touch). I write, speak, publish… and social media the heck out of everything I do. I code. I pay attention to business (especially startups), technology, strategy, innovation, finance, communication and media. I have a knack for finding hidden leverage  – making the invisible invaluable.

Travel feeds my soul. I really enjoy “firsts” and meeting new people. When I’m at home I love learning and having meaningful conversations with friends.

I look for opportunities to network people together and share their stories. I believe everyone can find their place and find a voice (afterall, the bible’s idea of heaven is “every tribe, every tongue”).

Comedy is my hobby… especially branded content, and you can count on me to help see the funny side of any situation.

I’m looking for business clients – especially global consumer brands – to take their products and solutions to the coffee tables of their customers.

And I’m also looking for sponsors for my upcoming comedy show, “Initially”. Any brand that is made up of initials (i.e. nab, BMW, IHG, QANTAS, IGA etc) would be ideal.

Living in Cromer (Sydney’s Northern Beaches, up the hill from Dee Why beach), you can find me at C3 Church Oxford Falls most Sunday mornings, serving in the media control room every second Sunday.

You can find out more and contact me via: