I’ve recently moved from Parramatta (Western Sydney) to Cromer (Sydney’s Northern Beaches). It was a quick move – long story – and I could move back west in the future.. I’m still getting settled and on the lookout for a new tv and desk.

You can find me at C3 Church Oxford Falls most Sunday mornings.

I believe Parramatta deserves its own media so I’m starting a new media business called  Parramatter. Initally,  to publish a free monthly community lifestyle magazine. But my vision is to grow into all forms of media – including radio, tv, podcasts etc

My aim is to be an influence for prosperity and community. I want to connect people together and share their stories. I believe Parramatta is a city where everyone can find their place and find a voice (afterall, the bible’s idea of heaven is “every tribe, every tongue”).

I’m looking for business advertisers – from small business and tradies to luxury lifestyle brands – to take their products and solutions to the coffee tables of their customers.

And I’m also looking for volunteers who want experience and mentoring in media and technology (in exchange for lots of hard work and fun in an entrepreneurial startup team).

You can find out more and contact me at