Start With Z

Start with Z

Why "Start with Why?" when you could Start with Z? Starting with why can leave you in a paralysis of analysis and unproductive overthinking or anxiety. Z cures all that.


How “Essentialism” Kills Success

I've been a big fan of the best-selling book "Essentialism" by Greg McKeown. Most things are trivial, according to the Mormon Bishop and author. Essentialism is summarised as "determining what is truly necessary, and shedding what is not" in other words, it is a systematic approach to the relentless pursuit of "less but better", in …

The Real Value of Real Estate

Are you a real estate agent who wants to get more out of life but also provide the best service to your clients? Discover the bible's wisdom helping modern realtors work less, while helping create massive client value.

Positioning Strategies

Developing a positioning strategy for a startup business, is always deliberate and can be a very involved and daunting process for the first-time entrepreneur. A positioning strategy helps a business communicate to the market the best benefits of their product. It involves analysis of your customers, your competitors and of course, your own strengths, weaknesses, resources …