Bible Innovators

Most of the bible's main characters were innovators in their field. And a lot of their work provides a pattern that 2019 business leaders can follow.


Start With Z

Start with Z

Why "Start with Why?" when you could Start with Z? Starting with why can leave you in a paralysis of analysis and unproductive overthinking or anxiety. Z cures all that.

The Real Value of Real Estate

Are you a real estate agent who wants to get more out of life but also provide the best service to your clients? Discover the bible's wisdom helping modern realtors work less, while helping create massive client value.

Kingdom Entrepreneurship 101 – Building Better Business Funnels

Last week, I had the privilege of speaking to an amazing couple. They have owned their own business for more than six years, have had a business coach for more than two years, have come within a whisker of their first million dollar year and have lots of happy customers, suppliers and employees. By all …

Pitch Perfect – How to Ask for what you want

Warning: Longer post than normal ensues... None of these thoughts are my own. I went to a pitching seminar at the Innovation Centre of Western Australia recently. I found it helpful, so I thought I'd share my notes with you. --------------------- Presentation #1 ------------------------------------------------ Sam Birmingham - startup coach at Pollenizer Global and founder of …