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Some of the things that will transform your productivity may seem hard to swallow at first. But if you can get over that hump, you'll find the rewards are spectacular!


1,200 Times More Profits (in less than an hour)

Recently, I've been reminded of the old adage "time is money". On two separate occasions, with vastly different people, I asked a question where the answer was binary - only two possible options. Or so I thought. Both people actually must have heard me ask "what completely irrelevant topic is so important to you that …

Why Vision-casting is so Powerful and Productive

Robert Redford, Steve Jobs, David Cameron... all the best leaders spend at least some of their time casting vision. But why? What is it about vision-casting that is so productive for already powerful, global leaders? Well, firstly, vision effects outcome. And sometimes the stakes can be really high. Consider Britain's decision this week on whether …