Script Writing for Fun and Profit

Many times you bought something because a great writer had created a sales script. But because the overwhelming number of times you've come into contact with a bad script it was a dodgy telemarketer, you probably hate even the thought of using a sales script to improve your results. Think about this, though... Every song …


New Book Published – Shortcut

Technology hacks used by the likes of Netflix, Uber and Amazon help us understand bible prophecy in a fresh way and appreciate just how advanced God's way of doing things really is.

How To Get Guaranteed Political Results

Dear Politicians, Forget friction and factions, political results are all about fractions. Have you ever been in a conversation where someone says "You'll never guess what happened next...." and you DID guess? They can't believe it, right? They think you're a flippin' genius!   I'm Shaz Jones. Over the years I’ve been featured on national …

The Real Value of Real Estate

Are you a real estate agent who wants to get more out of life but also provide the best service to your clients? Discover the bible's wisdom helping modern realtors work less, while helping create massive client value.

Master of Scale

One of my favourite podcasts is Masters of Scale, where Reid Hoffman (Venture Capitalist and co-founder of Linked In) interviews entrepreneurs about how they scaled. There's lots of great lessons every episode, that I won't try to recreate here - it's worth a listen. But it always reminds me what a BIG thinker God is. …

Costly Technology

Pearl Harbor provides technology lessons for both radical disruptive new tools, as well as slight design modifications improving on existing technologies, and simple codes. This technological prowess changed the course of history.