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Script Girl.

Not to be confused with Wonder Woman, Script Girl lives in a text world. Words are my weapons. Good News is my Superpower! I can’t match Wonder Woman’s impressive outfits, but my outcomes are legs and dairy – sorry, legendary. 🙂

If you’re looking for a sales script, a comedy bit, some online code, or in bible mode, I’m your Script Girl.

I create content – digital originals. I speak, write, edit, publish and teach.

I help others:

  • see you,
  • see differently, and
  • see more possibility.

What’s your favourite song, movie, joke, tv show, book? They are all scripts. You’ve probably heard a bad script in the hands of a bad performer (like a telemarketer at tea time) and thought Ugh. But you’ve also been captivated by a great script in the hands of a great performer, and been completely unaware it was even a script. Because it was so magical and transcendant.

What do you want? Do you want a “Yes!”, tears, laughs, legislative changes, to be remembered or to get cash in the account? If there’s consequences to the communication and you want to punch up profits or positive results, I’m your magical Script Girl.

Choose my assignment: your book, funding pitch, parliamentary speeches, standup comedy, TV, radio and video scripts, website copy, SEO, grant applications, social media promos, Facebook ads, marketing EDMs, email sequences, powerpoint presentations, blogs, newsletters, 21st birthday facebook posts, tweets and TikToks, newspaper articles, press releases, data analysis, ebooks, apps, bible college lectures, sermons, poems, proposals or good old fashioned sales letters.

And if you want to automate it, so your results are on auto-pilot, I can do that, too.

The only scripts I don’t do are prescription drugs (I prefer pharmacy.amazon.com 😉

It’s time we started your new script.

Let’s get started today.

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