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If God has called you to lead, He’s called me to serve you.

I consult with leaders who want to create a new normal, especially when starting something new, or when they don’t know where to start.

I create innovative strategies and technologies to increase outcomes while decreasing inputs.
Yes, I believe in miracles.

I’ve been coding online since 1994.
Change to me is what normal is to others.

I like celebrating unnormal results, especially firsts.

My first “$10K in a Day” online was way back in 1996. My first $1,000,000 in online sales was in 1998. I published the first book to a mobile device (global first) and published the first education results on the Internet (Australian first).

I thrive in environments like tech and media where the dress code doesn’t matter but delivery deadlines do.

I find it hard not to share good news, especially on social media. I like thinking, writing, teaching and publishing.
I like travelling to new places, meeting new people and trying new experiences.


Over the years I’ve been featured on national television (A Current Affair), radio (ABC, Qantas Business Radio, 2SM etc) and print – as well as internationally (Wired Magazine (USA), and others in Japan, Finland etc). I’ve also spoken at media conferences (ABC Radio), business networking functions, high schools, and church-based events including prophetic conferences, bible colleges, Sunday services and women’s events. And I write a book every year.

I am a degree-qualified business professional, serial entrepreneur and an Australian Internet Pioneer. I have been making money online ever since June 1994.

Want to get five figure results in just one day?

Online Profit Systems that deliver $10K Pay Days is the most popular manifestation of my service to business owners, leaders and managers.

Over twenty years ago, in 1996, my life changed when I made $10,000.00 in just one night after a NSW Government Minister enlisted me to publish the first ever Australian government white paper on the web.

In 1998, whilst gaining my Diploma of Ministry at full-time Bible College, I made my first million dollars online – with over $250,000 coming from a single client when I achieved another Australian-first; publishing high school results on the internet.

Using a bible-based formula (John 2:22) and my God-given prophetic and teaching gifts, I help Christians in commerce achieve in 3 days what takes others 46 years to do. Just like Jesus, I help unlock the hidden wisdom of “once and for all” solutions; results happen quickly and are sustained permanently:

  • software systems

  • sales scripts

  • communication (writing, speaking and training), and

  • strategic consultancy.

I’ve worked with some of Australia’s and America’s favourite christian leaders – such as Vicki Simpson, John Finkelde, Seth Brooks and Col Stringer – to create customized software systems that broadcast their message on the web 24/7.

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her business and financial acumen is outstanding”

Don Pember, CEO, Coolibah Total Caring

“multi-talented and exceptionally gifted teacher”

Lamberta Groves, Principal Mona Vale CLC Ministry College