Camel Choking, Creativity & Productivity

Some of the things that will transform your productivity may seem hard to swallow at first. But if you can get over that hump, you'll find the rewards are spectacular!


1,200 Times More Profits (in less than an hour)

Recently, I've been reminded of the old adage "time is money". On two separate occasions, with vastly different people, I asked a question where the answer was binary - only two possible options. Or so I thought. Both people actually must have heard me ask "what completely irrelevant topic is so important to you that …

Growing 120x in 12 weeks

Multiplying is something I love. I think, actually, that's what is at the core of my fascination with technology. My current project involves working with an organisation that grows from about 800 people to 97,000 people in just 12 weeks.That's a pretty rapid and radical multiplication! Growing an organisation by more than one hundred times …